Paint For Pros products are for professional use only,
besure to read the instructions on the packaging before use.

Important information

product range

PAINT FOR PROS delivers a wide range of special paints, enabling you to provide a tailor-made solution to your customers. Let us do the talking while you do the walking!


Enchant your customers with this magic paint. MagnetPaint contains a special iron powder which makes it attractive for magnets. It can be easily applied to doors, windows, plastic and many other substrates. This paint can be painted over and wallpapered.

2 SketchPaint

A transparent paint with which you can make a difference! That must be SketchPaint; a revolutionary, in 24hrs cured, 1-component paint for a super-smooth and high-quality whiteboard. After curing, the unique composition makes SketchPaint significantly smoother than other whiteboard paints.

3 BlackboardPaint

Need a trendy blackboard on a wall, door or in any other place? BlackboardPaint will see to this. This paint is available in up to seven colours. This way you can present a colourful menu to your creative customers.


With this product, we offer the powerful solution. MagnetPlaster is an ornamental plaster with the same characteristics as MagnetPaint, but much stronger. One layer of MagnetPlaster (1 mm) has more magnetic strength than three layers of ordinary magnetic paint (0.7 mm). For obtaining the best results, use our Quartz White Primer, a white primer based on an acrylate dispersion filled with quartz.


When it comes to presentation, we know exactly how important visualisation is. Our BeamerPaint ensures optimum quality and provides a razor sharp beamer screen. It delivers vivid colours and is intensely reflective. Captivate your audience with this special paint.


Naturally, we also have a wide range of accessoires. Power to the Professional starts with PAINT FOR PROS! From high quality (neodymium) magnets to Sketchmarkers and school chalks. Rollers, paint trays and other painting supplies are also available.

1 MagnetPaint
2 SketchPaint
3 BlackboardPaint
4 MagnetPlaster
5 BeamerPaint
6 Accessoires